Business cards for podcasters are kind of silly. If we ordered 500 of them, it would probably take us 500 years to give them away. In this week’s Found A New Thing Friday, I’m going to talk about the Linq card.

If you don’t find business cards inefficient, you can at least agree that it’s a lot of paper to spend on things most people just enter into their phone and just throw in the bin. That’s wasteful, right? Why waste paper to print business cards if you don’t need to?

Well with the Linq card you don’t need to. The card is a plastic business card that utilizes Near Field Communication technology (NFC) so that any smart phone, simply through being tapped by the card, instantly loads a VFC (vCard File) that someone can then single-click add to their contacts. In a way, that makes it touchless… or, at least, keyboardless, which is nice.

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